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Celebrate World Environment Day – 5 June 2013

In recognition of World Environment Day (WED) next Wednesday (5 June), Envirodeck is committed to throwing our full support behind this cause which aims to encourage sustainable living as a means of taking positive environmental action for the benefit of future generations.

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Sustainable living starts with you – it’s as simple as choosing the right product

As a firm advocator of green building methods, Envirodeck’s products combine energy saving features and recycled sustainability – factors that go a long way towards supporting our fragile ecosystem. Our range of environmentally-friendly composite decking products, manufactured by Advanced Environmental Recycling Technologies, Inc. (AERT), successfully achieves critical global savings by conserving natural resources while at the same time, offsetting the impact of waste caused by landfill sites.

By choosing green products such as ours, consumers are able to actively become part of the environmental “revolution” that gives realisation to more sustainable communities and a healthier planet overall.


Think. Eat. Save

According to the UN Food Agriculture Organisation (FAO), 1.3 billion tonnes of food is wasted every year – a massive amount when you consider the fact that our natural resources are steadily declining.

The theme for this year’s World Environment Day, ‘Think. Eat. Save’, focuses on food waste as a major contributor to today’s environmental problems and is set to include initiatives that are geared towards reducing our ‘foodprint’ through better food choices.

In the spirit of World Environment Day, Envirodeck encourages each and every one of you to take a moment to think about the things that you can do to promote a more sustainable way of living – every little bit counts towards reshaping our future!

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