Synthetic Decking

Many are looking at synthetic decking options when it comes to redesigning their outdoor living spaces and some are even replacing their current wooden decks with composite materials to experience the benefits. Not only is it an eco friendly option but it also has a better track record when it comes to longevity, maintenance and versatility
The biggest advantage of installing synthetic decks is the fact that they are incredibly low maintenance compared to traditional decking.

Tests done where real wood and synthetic materials have both been exposed to harsh elements for an extended period of time have shown that synthetic materials not only accumulate less dirt than wood, but are also easier to clean.

Plastic decking has the added advantage of being an eco friendly choice, and is also rot and splinter proof.

These materials also mimic the look of wood perfectly, as they can be made to closely resemble the grain you'd see on a wooden plank.

You'll still be able to enjoy the aesthetic appeal of wood, with the stability and appearance that you are used to, without the extra time and money needed to consistently maintain it.

Different types of synthetic decking are available in a wide variety of colours and the best one for your home will be determined by your location, environment and budget.
The scope for design when using composite products is vast, as the planks are flexible and able to be curved in ways that would otherwise be very expensive and hard to do with wood.

As industry leaders who are passionate about our product, we recognise the legitimate benefits that synthetic decking can offer. Contact Envirodeck to find out more today.