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Over the years, the use of recycled, environmentally friendly decking materials have grown in popularity as an alternative to wooden decking in sustainable architecture. Wood Plastic Composite, or WPC decking products have made great strides in the decking industry as a more sustainable, low maintenance material that is able to replicate the look and feel of a traditional wooden deck.

Envirodeck supplies quality composite decking products to architects, builders and specifiers all over South Africa and into Africa. Sustainable, simple and safe, Envirodeck’s composite decking products set the benchmark in sustainable architecture, featuring value-added properties and a natural finish that comes from our patented encapsulation process.

All Envirodeck composite decking boards are backed by our limited warranty against rot, decay and insect damage.

Benefits of Envirodeck Composite Decking

  Moisture Resistance: Due to the encapsulation process used in production, composite products are less susceptible to the build-up of moisture - making Envirodeck ideal for coastal conditions
  Innovation: proven stain, scratch, mold and fade resistant in our climate
  Strength: Composite decks are generally more durable than traditional wooden decks, saving time and money on a decking solution that lasts longer with no risks of warping or cupping associated with traditional timber decks
  Low Maintenance: Decks made from composite materials don’t need to be re-painted, re-oiled or re-stained, requiring only a quick sweep or wash every so often
  Comfort: Composite materials do not splinter and are non-slip, making it the perfect surface for areas around swimming pool decks as it's completely barefoot-friendly
  Eco-Friendly: Wood plastic decking is made from 95% recycled material, contains no toxic chemicals or preservatives, and are certified green for sustainability as well as energy and water efficiency
  Colour Retention: The total encapsulation technology of wood and plastic, combined with the fact that composite decking does not need to be stained or painted results in a vibrant, long-lasting colour
  Easy DIY Installation: Integrated concealed clip system with grooved decking makes for a seamless finish
  Naturally Beautiful: Natural wood grain texture and contemporary colours caters for every design requirement or product application
  Limited Warranty:  Backed by an International Limited Warranty against rot and decay


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