Plastic Decking

Plastic decking is just one of the ways that Envirodeck is looking to the future. Going for plastic instead of wood is just one way of decreasing the impact that your home has on the environment. Not only are you doing your bit to become eco-friendly, but you are still getting the same visual appeal as you would with wooden decking products.

Plastic timber is made from virgin material and can be used for a variety of options, not only decking. Furniture, both indoor and outdoor, can be made as well as railings, fences or benches. The versatility of this material is where you will mainly see the benefits. Plastic, unlike wood, can be shaped extravagantly to achieve a
structure that would normally be costly or impossible to do with solid wood.

Maintenance is another major issue. Wood is difficult to maintain, especially in the harsh South African climate. The coastal air quickly dries out wood and leaves it looking bland and flaky.

The same result happens when your deck is constantly exposed to the powerful rays in the highveld. The result means hours of sanding, scrubbing and varnishing to try and restore the look. Plastic decks can be easily washed and maintained, and also resist rot and mould.
Plastic also resist stains from a number of substances, is fade and skid resistant and comes in a wide range of colours for you to choose from.

At Envirodeck, we are at the forefront of developments in this category and have created a number of exquisite designs for our clients.

Whether you need something simple, or a complete outdoor oasis for you to relax in, contact a consultant at Envirodeck now and discuss the perfect plastic decking solutions.