Garden and Deck Lighting

Al Fresco

garden deck lightingA deck is not just a deck; it’s a living space and base camp for that great canopy of sky you get to call your own - so why not use our deck lighting and related lighting products for al fresco dining under the African night sky? Extend your entertainment and enjoyment of your deck into the night with the most comprehensive and complete range of outdoor lighting which will transform your patio deck into something spectacular.

Nothing compliments a beautifully designed composite deck than soft ambient deck lighting. Our comprehensive deck lighting range includes:
  LED deck lighting
  Garden lights
  Underwater lights
  Garden spotlights
  Recessed lights and any exterior lights for pathways, wall cladding, driveways or railing systems.

outdoor-deck-lightsYou can enjoy your deck at night, knowing that all our lighting products are LED which provides low energy consumption. This protects your pocket from hefty electricity bills and conserves the environment all while conserving energy for the same light output.

Take your project to the next level and contact us for further assistance regarding lighting design or installation assistance.

Please contact any local Envirodeck office for the latest product ranges in premium outdoor deck lighting and LED globes.

Stainless Steel Recessed Deck Lights

Residential deck lighting that creates a soft ambience for any decking application - this is the most popular deck light in our market.

Round Face or Square Face Recessed Deck Lighting
stainless steel recessed deck lights
(IP65 outdoor transformer required)
0.5 Watt
5 x 5mm LED
#316 Stainless Steel
50mm Cut Out
Floor or Wall Application
Colours: Cool White / Warm White / Blue / Green / Yellow

In Ground Stainless Steel Up Lighters

For residential or commercial lighting applications. Used to create features, display areas, light up walk ways and for general accent lighting.

Round In Ground Up Light
Envirodeck in ground stainless steel up lighters
MR 16 50W Lamp GU 10 50W Lamp
GX 5.3 Base GU 10 Base
AC 12V Input
(IP65 outdoor transformer required)
AC 220V
IP65 (LED or Halogen Lamp)
#613 Stainless Steel – Corrosion Proof
5mm Toughened Glass, Heat Resistant and Anti-Impact
Pressurised by Silicone Seal Cushion
Water Proof
Plastic Re-Embedded Canister – Easy to Install

Garden Spikes

Applied to features requiring elegant lighting in the garden or to highlight palm trees in and around a deck.

Garden Spike
garden-spikes 12V
(transformer required)
Max 50 Watt Lamp (LED or Halogen)
GX 5.3 Base
Sealed with Silicone Rubber Gasket
Clear Tempered Glass Diffuser
Aluminium Housing and Frame
Powder coated to withstand the outdoors

Adjustable head for direct and precise focusing

Cool White or RGB LED Flat Flexi Strip

For commercial and residential applications. Decorative, background lighting to set the mood in a particular area. Easy to use and very effective, creates a crisp modern design.

Single or RGB Colour LED Flat Flexi Strip
12VDC Input
(LED driver and transformer required)
24 Watts / 5m
180 LEDs per length
Maximum number of 1 single loop – 10m
Dimension: 5000m x 10mm x 5mm (Can be cut to length between every three LEDs)
16mm Spacing Per LED
Working Temperature: -20°C to +40°C
Water Proof
>120° Beaming Angle
Colours: Red / Blue / Green / Yellow / Cool White / Warm White


These globes are direct replacements for halogen lamps and can be used in all our recessed or underwater fittings.

Lamp: 50 x 48.8mm and 50 x 58mm
Envirodeck deck lighting lamps
Requires an LED Driver and Transformer
Watts: 3 x 1W (3 LEDs Per Lamp)
Current: 350MA
Base: GX 5.3 / GU 5.3 Base: GU10
Warm White
Lumens: 117 – 143 | M Colour Temp: 3050 – 3250K
Cool White
Lumens: 171 – 209 | M Colour Temp: 5650 – 6300K
Beam Angle: 40°
Average Hours: 20 000hrs Average Hours: 10 000hrs
Designed to Facilitate Cooling
Aluminium Casing
No-Distortion Acrylic Optic Lens