Framing & Substructure Decking Materials


substructure decking materialsEnvirodeck has all its bases covered for the installation of eco decks, from the decking surface all the way through to supporting decking materials. Constructing a well-built substructure will ultimately make for an outdoor decking solution that is easier to build and lasts longer. Envirodeck has a variety of substructure solutions to match your project or budget.  We offer a number of decking materials from steel substructure, concrete, timber or even composite substructure.  We stock a full range of composite battens that can be used on screeded concrete surfaces or even pine that can be used to build traditional framed decks.

Composite Batten:composite batten for envirodeck substructure

Technical Dimensions:

Dimensions: 30mm x 40mm x 3.6m
Weight per length: 5kg per 3.6m length

H3 Treated Pine:

Technical Dimensions:

Dimensions: 38mm x 114mm
Lengths Available: 5.4m or 5.7m
Treatment: H3 Treated for standard decking use

envirodeck-product-image-substructure-2All substructure projects are different and require unique solutions.  Please phone a local Envirodeck office for advice on decking materials, substructure options and pricing that will best be suited for your eco deck project.  We have a vast array of experience and will be sure to provide you with the technical knowledge required build your project.