Composite Decking Accessories


A well-built deck not only looks better, but also performs more effectively and lasts longer.  In order for any type of composite decking product to withstand the rigors of weather and time, only premium quality decking accessories and screws should be used in any installation and for any subsequent deck maintenance.  

Using the correct accessories plays a big role, not only in the quality of a decks construction but also very importantly, in a decks appearance. Envirodeck supplies a range of deck paints, deck installation and other decking accessories for a composite deck that is not only attractive but also strong.

Ballistic Nail screws

decking accessories Save over 80% in time installing your deck through our collated stainless steel Ballistic Screws. These screws, used with Envirodeck Hidden Steel Fasteners, offer precise placement with our Envirodeck Eliminator Pneumatic Nailer. Can be driven in and screwed out and is the perfect to tool to increase productivity when installing a deck.

Hidden Fasteners

hidden fasteners Hidden Fasteners are raising the bar in the appearance of installed decking. Decks with hidden fasteners are smooth in appearance and a barefoot friendly as no screws are protruding that can cause unnecessary injury. Hidden fasteners add elegance to any outdoor living space.


No fasteners on the deck board surface, making it easy to install
Decking boards are elevated off of the joists to promote airflow
Allows the decking boards to completely dry out so there is no rot or mold
High Strength Steel providing maximum holding power
Can be installed with Pneumatic Nailers, saving contractors time and money
Compatible steel screws available
Rated for 30 years against loose boards
Available in stainless steel for coastal conditions
Starter and Finishing Clips available - the first and last boards are free of surface fasteners


envirodeck eliminator Pneumatic Nailer for specialised decking contractors to pneumatically install Hidden Fasteners up to 50% faster. The Envirodeck Eliminator allows Ballistic Screws to be driven into place with precision.  It’s a quality tool that is durable, easy-to-use and time-saving increasing productivity for your business.

Stainless Steel Trim Head

stainless steel trim head screws For a cleaner look, steel screws with a trim head produce nearly invisible results. Achieving this look is possible without our Steel Trim Head Screw and does not require any pre drilling. This screw makes decking simple.

A sharp point and tapered thread design allows the screw to drive in fast. A rust guard coating provides excellent corrosion protection.

Composite Screws

envirodeck composite screws Installing composite decking with Envirodeck decking accessories and screws specifically developed for use with composite lumber, will eliminate problems for years to come.

The revolutionary thread design of the screw will minimise mushrooming, a problem that occurs when normal decking accessories are used.

A special undercut head traps lose material and a copper guard coating provides excellent corrosion protection. The Composite Screws are available in our inspired colours providing the perfect colour match.