Accredited Envirodeck Landscape Partners

find a landscaping partnerLandscaping is both a science and an art, and requires good observation and design skills.  A good landscaper understands the elements of nature and construction, and blends them accordingly.  With this philosophy in mind, Envirodeck only partners with industry leading landscapers and designers.  Our landscape partners will design and install your customised deck which is incorporated into their exclusive landscapes.  These partners provide the latest in international and local landscaping trends.  All the companies have the required experience to tackle both residential and commercial projects and are well-suited to transform any outdoor area into a customised oasis.  


The Friendly Plant

Each person has their own idea of what makes a great garden; this is why we take our clients' input so seriously. It is our job to implement gardens that suit the requirements, likes and lifestyle of our clients whether they be residential, commercial or retail.

We pride ourselves on our professional approach and high level of service.

We offer a turnkey service, including garden design, landscaping, irrigation, water features and decking. These services are also offered individually, according to our clients' needs.
We offer our services both locally in South Africa and Internationally.

Our careful attention to detail and close supervision ensures that every job undertaken is performed to the highest standard and we endeavour to exceed the expectations of our clients every step of the way.

Our unique approach enables us to offer our clients the most flexible garden design and landscaping service available.

We are based at Evergreen Place, and our group’s head office is in Johannesburg.

Craig de Necker
Managing Director
Cell: 082 805 0910

TrueStyle Hard Landscaping Solutions

Since 1999, TrueStyle Landscaping has been committed to designing and building the highest quality landscaped environments and renovations, tailored to our clients’ unique requirements.  From small patios and decks to driveways, retaining walls, entire landscaping projects and additions, the team uses time-tested techniques and the latest technology to help realise our clients’ vision.  For new projects, we work with architects, builders and directly for the client.  We recognise that there are cost advantages when the works are integrated with the building program.  We offer design, planning, advice, site management and supervision as well as the supply and installation of all aspects of landscaping.

Paul Maartens
Cell: 082 550 8353


Badec Bros

Badec Bros (Pty) Ltd is one of South Africa's most exclusive lifestyle creators. What is a luxurious lifestyle? To some it is just a word, to others an impossible dream or an everyday expectation. Often it's a promise that is never quite delivered – why? Whatever your definition, Badec Bros offers the ultimate and unique lifestyle. Our clients can rest assured that they will always receive the best quality service and products available. The choice really is yours – whatever you want, whatever you need, we will give you the best, whether it's a stunning designed garden, a state of the art irrigation system, water features or Koi ponds, garden illumination, exclusive indoor/outdoor decor, wooden decking, Mosaic art or any out of the box idea – the choice is yours. Badec Bros personifies a new definition of lifestyle: yours.

Edrich Badenhorst
Managing Director
Cell: 083 675 3566