Green Building Conference 2010 - Gallagher Estate Midrand

“A crucial challenge facing humanity in this century is how the contest between preserving eco-services whilst enlarging the built environment in a manner that is restorative and transformative of both” states Llewellyn Van Wyk - Editor of the Green Building Handbook. green-building-conference-2010
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With this in mind, Envirodeck attended and exhibited its product range at the conference which attracts Africa's leading industry designers, specifiers and decision makers such as architects, engineers, project managers, product suppliers and government officials. Actively marketing the 'Live Green' campaign for some time now, Envirodeck is very encouraged to see the extent to which practitioners within the built profession have started to now embrace the 'green' imperative.

However, we are even more encouraged to see the way the developers and the general public have now also embraced the Envirodeck 'Live Green' ideal - to the extent that they are now putting pressure on the professionals to step up to the plate in delivering products and services that go beyond the environmentally outdated design practises towards embracing sustainability. We are impressed with the success and the growth of the show and will continue to showcase our products at the Green Building conference. We look forward to the 2011 Green Building conference and the next edition of the Green Building Handbook.

We know we have a long way to go and will continue to encourage other suppliers, architects and customers to bring about a fundamental cultural change and reverse overall negative climate change. For further information on green building and the essential guide log onto: