Envirodeck Plants 100 Trees in Support of Arbour Month

In support of our green initiatives, Envirodeck planted 100 trees at the Hegebe Tribal Trust, Mthatha on the 26.09.2012. It is our effort in restoring local ecosystems and making the planet a better place to live for future generations. envirodeck-plants-100-trees-in-support-of-Arbour-Month
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Not only does the planting of trees support the local ecosystem, but it also provides jobs and opportunities for rural communities who look after the trees.  The infrastructure at the site, such as borehole water, also supports the community in providing water for the trees and clean drinking water for the community.  It is supporting projects such as this that make a difference to our country and we encourage you to make a difference and plant some trees.  For more information on this award winning partnership, visit www.carbonworx.co.za.