The 12th Annual A.E.R.T. Fishing Trip Adventure and MoistureShield Production and Facility Tour

trout-fishingI would just like to thank A.E.R.T. and MoistureShield for giving Envirodeck the opportunity to attend their 12th Annual fishing Trip Adventure. Day 1 started with dinner at the Outback Steakhouse and a great chance to meet their valued installers from all around America and Canada. After finishing a tasty steak and having spoken to builders from San Diego to Quebec about building code and materials it was clear that the MoistureShield board was in a league of its own.

Day 2, the Facility Tour, the highlight of my trip and a once in a lifetime chance to see how the best WPC composite in the world is made and confirmation that Envirodeck is bringing the right product to Africa.

envirodeck-installers-incentiveWith much excitement in the air and a captivated audience waiting to fire off questions the demonstrations of strength, durability, stability and performance begin. Questions and astonishment fill the air and with close on 30 years’ experience, in climates ranging from the cold of Canada to the heat of Dubai, marshes in Florida, temperature fluctuations in South Africa they have seen and tested it all and every question is met with a positive answer and client satisfaction. Of course this would be the case as it is the only composite decking that can be installed on the ground, in the ground or underwater and still be protected by their unmatched Lifetime Warranty. They have also never had a field failure.

We then proceed into the production and engine rooms to see how this amazing board is made. The engineers working away, production staff checking and inputting materials and test batches being sent to third parties for testing as well as in-house checks. This whole production would seem unbelievable if it was done with consistent chosen inputs but then I’m reminded that this was once waste that would typically but dumped into landfill sites, and my mouth opens a little more. We are then presented with the fact that all of this is done in a LEED Award winning plant and production process. A truly green process that produces a product that outperforms any other composite decking board. Affirmation that Envirodeck is ahead of the curve in Africa.


envirodeck-overseasDay 3, 7am and I get into our fishing boat with our invited customers, Riaan (RL Wood and Alu) and Gawie (Timber Stone). The White river covered in mist, like a scene from a movie; we are taken down the river by our guide Hot Dawg. The clear water below and eagles filling the banks and sky above we are treated to a very special day out on the river and memories to last a lifetime.

envirodeck-overseasThanks to the MositureShield Team for an unforgettable experience. The education, memories and laughter will be shared forever and hopefully we can continue along our successful paths.

To Gawie and Riaan, thanks for the good times and the great times. Looking forward to working with you, growing and adding value to our businesses.

A big thank you to Warren Graver and Envirodeck for giving me the opportunity to see the production of our boards and to meet the MoistureShield Team. Really appreciate it.

Remember, Live Green!!

Warren Hayter