Succeed Magazine, April Edition: From Failure to Success

Warren Graver brings his business back from the brink of disaster...
Envirodeck’s story of success is one that may seem impossible to many. Six weeks after receiving its first shipment of stock, its major supplier liquidated. This was a massive problem for the young company. The process of obtaining a new supplier was complex and time consuming.
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Eventually Warren Graver had to fly to the US to find a supplier. It took him six months to complete this process and during this time no work was done. Graver rescued Envirodeck by securing re-investment from business partners and finding a new product and supplier. This feat was one of the reasons why Graver was recently awarded the title of Entrepreneur of the Year for small enterprises.

A mindset for success

Another important tool for recovery was changing contractors’ mindsets about decking products. “This involved showing them how innovative and easy installation was if they used Envirodeck products.” The lure of saving time and money eventually became Graver’s winning formula. The successful adoption of his products relies on green living. If numerous businesses are educating consumers about sustainability then adoption occurs faster and across more industries. Graver’s ability to recognise the niche where he could be valuable to consumers allowed him to achieve tenfold growth in just three years. This and the creation of a positive mindset in himself and others played an important role in rescuing his business from the brink of disaster. He was willing to adapt his model and learn from his mistakes and in the end established Envirodeck as a decking leader.

From the April issue of Succeed Magazine