Envirodeck introduces a revolutionary product, Concrete Lumber, coming April 2013

What is Concrete Lumber?

Concrete Lumber is a patented, cement-based structural alternative to steel framing, laminated veneer lumber, pressure treated wood or CCA treated pine. The material is a light weight, structural product made specifically for indoor and outdoor uses.
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Structural Concrete Lumber products are factory-made into dimensional lumber sizes for standard construction used in every day construction projects. Concrete Lumber can be nailed, screwed or cut with power tools, connected with standard hardware and surfaced in virtually any colour or pattern.

Structural Concrete Lumber products out-perform conventional lumber for a number of reasons.

Why Concrete Lumber?

  • Low maintenance
  • Chemical-free and splinter-free
  • Stronger than wood
  • Will not rot or burn
  • Extremely durable
  • Affordable
  • Creative surface finishes
  • Easy to use and install
  • Insect resistant
  • Warp resistant and stable
  • None of the traditional timber issues

Concrete Lumber allows for you to build structural framing, structural planking, and trusses for your project and be accommodated for vineyards, for cost effective trellis systems.

Concrete Lumber is an internationally patented product and Envirodeck is proudly the exclusive distributors of this new exciting product range in Africa which is set to revolutionise the way decking has been built in our local market.   Envirodeck is the fore runner of these new technologies and it reinforces our position as the leading brand for green decking products in Africa.  Contact a local Envirodeck office for further information on this new product range, launching April 2013. info@envirodeck.co.za