Meet the Team

Johannesburg Office

Warren Graver, Director

Warren Graver, Director“My passion is to live life to the fullest whilst allowing others to achieve their dreams.”
When I was younger, my fascination for nature and the environment encouraged me to want to become a weatherman, but I chose a very different career path. I have been involved with Envirodeck for almost a decade. It has been a fantastic journey that has allowed for my biggest achievement yet to happen – being able to start a business, and winning Small Business Entrepreneur 2012. I see myself as a loyal, ethical and outgoing person.

My passion is to live life to the fullest whilst allowing others to achieve their dreams, and I constantly remind myself that “life is simple, so work hard and play hard!” One of my dreams in life is to live in an open plan house in the bushveld in some part of Africa. It should blend into the environment and have a spectacular view to be able to fully enjoy the wildlife with the people that are significant in my life. And a few rounds of golf every now and then would be great too!


Cape Town Office

Larry Jacques, Director

Larry Jacques, Operations Director“Live life on purpose, not by chance.”
I have been at Envirodeck for almost a decade, and apart from my professional success, my greatest achievement in life has been successfully raising a family and providing for their needs. I see myself as a moderately conservative, business-minded man with a good sense of humour. I’m also a huge coffee fan and have a great appreciation for sports, especially football. “Live life on purpose, not by chance” is my favourite quote, and something that I consciously practice each day. My biggest goal is to see my children, and their children, succeed in life.  My ideal home is a secure, low-maintenance, lock-up-and-go house.