Green Building Council

green-building-council-logo.pngEnvirodeck is an active green building member. Being a part of this local organisation enables us to make a difference and take a stance in recognising the impact of global warming, by striving to be an environmentally sustainable supplier of composite eco decking products to the building industry. Envirodeck supports the philosophy of sustainable architecture by minimising the environmental impact of development, by enhancing the efficiency and moderation of the use of raw materials being used. Effective green buildings are more than just a random collection of environmentally friendly technologies but rather an aim to use them to reduce the overall environmental impact of buildings.

Envirodeck carefully considers its operating environment by focusing on the various aspects of human consumption and ecological economics and streamlining its eco decking product offering to provide the latest in green solutions. In line with the above, Envirodeck recognises that as an enterprise, it will cease to exist unless careful consideration of its global carbon footprint is constantly improved. Climate change threatens all life on earth. Progressive thinking and forward planning will help decline carbon emissions. Changing the attitudes and behaviour of our customer base is the key to protecting and conserving our environment. With this realisation in mind, Envirodeck eco decking supports tangible solutions to the problems faced with carbon footprint reduction.

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