Environmental Facts

Traditional is good. Green is better.

eco decking facts

Our green credentials speak for themselves and it’s no wonder even nature’s toughest critics approve. Envirodeck is committed to protecting our fragile ecosystem with a range of eco decking products that aim to minimise the impact of deforestation and global warming on our planet.

Unlike traditional harvested timber wooden decks, Envirodeck composite eco decking products are sustainable – not one tree has been felled for the production of our products. Composite products not only support sustainable architecture and green building methods, but also provide good value to the building in the long term.

composite decking made from recycled materialsEnsure your peace of mind with an eco decking solution

Building with the environment in mind is more important now than ever.  When you choose Envirodeck eco decking, you’ll take comfort knowing that you are getting the highest quality product with a number of environmental advantages.

Envirodeck’s composite decks are eco-friendly and green because they are manufactured by Advanced Environmental Recycling Technologies, Inc (A.E.R.T.) in the USA, with recycled wood fibre and recycled polyethylene plastic from discarded household items such as plastic bags and this reduces the waste stream going into damaging landfill sites.

A total of 95% recycled content makes up our eco decking products which includes:
38% post-consumer recycled content
57% pre-consumer recycled content

the facts about eco deckingInformative Facts

The global savings through the recycling manufacturing facility equates to the following green statistics:
38% post-consumer recycled content and 57% pre-consumer recycled content - about two and a half times the required amount for green classification. Due to its high percentage of recycled content, (A.E.R.T.) decking products can help earn credit in LEED® green building rating programmes.
The manufacturing process stops over 122 million kilograms of refuse from entering landfills every year (36 rugby fields stacked 3 metres high).
The manufacturing process conserves 5.3 trillion BTU's of energy per year.
A 12m² composite deck roughly contributes to the reduction of greenhouse gasses by 280kg, CO² equivalent, as well as the saving of 416 litres of fuel.
The volume of wood and plastic recycled annually is the same as removing 54 000 passenger vehicles off the road.
The use of recycled content lowers overall lifecycle costs, saves energy, reduces greenhouse gasses and waste, conserves future resources and creates jobs.
Over the next 50 years, the effective use of eco-friendly building products and replanting of trees will absorb about 20% of man-made carbon emissions, providing long-term solutions to protect our fragile ecosystems.

composite decking made from recycled materialsWhy traditional was good but green is now better