Company Profile

composite decks profiledownload-our-company-profileEnvirodeck was established in 2004 as a supplier of environmentally friendly decking materials to the local building industry. Over the past decade, composite decks have grown in popularity as demands for 'green' products increases.
We have maintained our leading position by constantly researching and staying abreast of technologies used locally and abroad. We began extensively marketing and distributing boards for the construction of composite decks as an alternative to traditional wooden decking after recognising an opportunity to offer sustainable solutions to the outdoor leisure market.

Our offering stretches far beyond the supply of decking boards, however, and the driving factor behind our operations is to consciously improve the lives of our customers by adding value throughout the supply chain, from manufacture, right through to the installation of composite decks – all while contributing to a more sustainable future.

As a recognised pioneer in the industry, we understand the technical as well as the straightforward aspects of manufacturing, envirodeck warehouse for storing composite deckssupplying and installing composite decks. We have actively partnered with innovative business partners and invested in state-of-the-art technology concepts to deliver a truly evolved product to the local market.  Professional contractors have come to rely on the value and consistency for which Envirodeck is known.  We take pride in our emphasis on patented product quality and good service.

We are a company that offers a truly sustainable building solution to our market and we also take an active stance towards minimising our ecological footprint. We strive to promote the practice of green building and sustainable architecture in the construction of composite decks by acting as a resource centre, thereby improving the knowledge and awareness of green building to other stakeholders through our research and development. Going forward, we will add alternative products, accessories and green ideas to our range of composite decking products, as well as continue to take an active stance in recognising the impacts of global warming.

We are proud, and will continue to be the leading supplier of materials for composite decks as well as deck lighting products to the building industry.


To become the leading supplier of, and advocate for sustainable green building products and accessories throughout Africa.


Envirodeck is so much more than just a decking supplier: by supplying superior products and services which ensure the customer’s experience exceeds their expectations. We provide a tangible difference to our customers by saving time and money whilst preserving our environment.


Improving lives – we strive to improve the lives of the people around us, working towards better lives for our staff, clients, communities and everyone we come into contact with
Loyalty – we believe in loyalty in business and strive to remain loyal to our suppliers, partners and clients
Trusting relationships – we develop trusting relationships within every area of our working environment, from suppliers to clients and communities, to work hand-in-hand in trusted partnerships
Act with integrity – we are each personally accountable for the highest standards of behaviour, including honesty and fairness in all aspects of our work
Work & Play – we believe that life is about balance and ensure that we work hard so that we are able to reap the rewards and play hard